Every septic system is different but all have the same purpose which is to ensure a safe and effective way of treating raw sewage.  We at Latimer do our absolute best to accommodate the design and implementation phases of the septic system installation process.  Below are some of the systems we have used in the past but are not limited to.

Clear-stream System

This system uses compressed air to help aerate the wastewater entering the leaching bed.

Clear Stream System

This system uses aeration to treat the wastewater before it enters the leaching bed.

Ecoflo System

This system uses a manufactured peat moss like media to first filter the effluent before entering the area bed.

Eljen Septic System

The Eljen is a shallow-bury trench like system that uses a cuspated plastic core wrapped in a filter fabric to allow the effluent to oxygenate during the draining process.

 Latimer Excavating was the first company in the Ottawa and surrounding area to install the Eljen system since its introduction to the Ottawa market.  

Conventional Type System

This system uses a sand filter base and granular around perforated piping for treatment of the effluent entering the leaching bed.

Infiltrator Chamber System

Infiltrator chamber systems are installed using recycled plastic shells which house a pressure pipe that allows the effluent to trickle through the sand filter.

Bionest System

This system uses an air pump to aerate the effluent before it enters the leaching bed.